Profhilo® is a unique and very pure hyaluronic acid, combined with a new 10-point injection technique (for the treatment of the face) that tightens, smooths, hydrates and beautifies your skin. The injection technique allows the extremely pure hyaluronic acid to disperse evenly and harmoniously over the entire face or neck, depending on the area treated.

Profhilo® is recommended from the age of 30, when the skin begins to show signs of fatigue and sagging.

The Profhilo® treatment can also be used on the neckline, the back of the hands as well as other parts of the body.

We recommend that you perform a second session after 4 weeks. Subsequently, if you wish to keep and optimize the benefits of the treatment, an annual session is recommended.

The side effects of the treatment can occasionally be small bruises on the injection sites.

Dr. J.-M. Monney will tell you the price of your treatment during your first appointment.


Prix de la séance: dès CHF 450.-.

Face without Profhilo® treatment
Face after treatment with Profhilo®
Neck without Profhilo® treatment
Neck after treatment with Profhilo®
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